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darn I kind of want to stream but 

pushes science lab aside

since it’s on valentines day ( I think ) or at least associated with the holiday, maybe muses could exchange virtual cards or gifts or whatever with one another during the ball whether it be platonic or romantic or —


I tried and therefore you cannot criticize me 
did I even try ( psst no ) 
( Mr. ) Strawberry Arnaud [ worth about 3 million dollars ] 
- from New Orleans
- expensive taste 
- smiling is not in his vocabulary 
- prick 
- has an inclination to red things 
- only likes to be referred to as Mr.Strawberry or Sir Strawberry Arnaud 

edit: now with picture of the strawberry arnaud / v / 


nobody-but-mebody sent: Yoooo I know you I'm like 3% you know me but we don't really know each other anyway Heyo I care about you and I recognize you darlin~

thank you / v \ it means a lot to me !

Anonymous sent: It's the same for me but I kinda - force myself to post and talk to people. Sometimes I post stuff though and my anxiety gets too be to much and I go and delete it. You can always come to talk to me though if you'd like. We can rule da fandom

[ I wish I could do that effectively but i usually just end up backspacing on everything I write and sitting on my chair for twenty minutes —— ] but thank you anon bb / v \ we can bond like h-bonds. and eventually.

Anonymous sent: [CRAWLSON]YOUBELONGHERE - it's just really quiet at this time of day so no one really gets to see your posts

aah thank you // I honestly don’t have the capacity to talk to anyone though. I’m not social enough for this I guess. Social anxiety is kind of a leech to the point where I feel like the creepy neighbor who just pops in and out because they’re desperate to be in this fandom/family type of surrounding. 

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things I’m doinggggggg (( ignore the anatomy I can’t even draw lines right now // ))